Studio Night Showcase

Studio Nights are our in-studio showcases for our students to perform the dances they learn in classes!  Although they include guest performances by our professional companies these shows are more of a “family affair” and most attendees are supporting a student or potential future students.

Held at the end of every session.  Friday or Saturday evenings, usually 7-8PM – check the exact dates on our Shows page.

At our home studio in The Grotto at Mystique.  We move the mirrors out and set up folding chairs!

Open to all students who are registered for the current session of classes, have attended enough classes to learn the dance AND who attend weeks 5 and 6 of the sessions.  Students who create their own solo or small group dance via private lessons are also eligible to perform.

Please invite your friends and family to come and enjoy the show! We will have a Facebook event for each Studio Night that you can share at will. All ages are welcome but please know that we frequently feature striptease performances where dancers remove clothing down to undies and pasties. We believe this is an empowering celebration of feminine triumph and feel no need to restrict our audiences in any way.

Sign-up sheets will be posted at the studio during week 4 of classes.  Please carefully look at your schedule and sign-up that week! Due to costume changes, please limit yourself to no more than four dance numbers. The final set list will be posted week 5.

If you have missed a class or multiple classes in a session but feel that you are caught up and still able to perform check with your instructor before signing up. You MUST attend weeks 5 and 6 to perform!

We want you to feel comfortable so wear whatever you feel good in! Below are some loose frameworks for each class but please know that yoga pants, bare feet and a tank top are just fine. You may also check with your instructor and class to see if there is a specific theme or idea that the group may want to incorporate into their costumes. Please bring a veil, robe, or jacket to use to cover your costume when you are not performing.

  • Burlesque Jazz: Shorts or skirt with fishnets or hose, bra top, tank top, corset or just a fancy “going out” top. Load on the accessories, gloves, stockings, garters, hair flowers, hats, jewelry, etc., dance heels.
  • Belly Dance: Basic belly dance gear, skirt or pants, bra top or tank top, belt or hip wrap. Load on the accessories and jewelry! Bare feet.
  • Booty & Floor: Shorts with fishnets or hose and legwarmers, knee pads or long socks OR leggings/pants, tank top, bra top, layered cropped jackets or loose tees. For accessories think gold chains, caps, fingerless gloves, etc, Bare feet or sneakers.

If you’d like to help with set-up, tear-down, greeting guests at the door or even stage kittening then please let Julia know! You are welcome to do this even if you are not performing; it’s a great way to get involved.

We use the store as our dressing room – please be respectful of the space and clean up after yourself thoroughly! We always recommend bringing only your essentials into the venue, leave anything else in your car or at home.

We will gather all the performers in the dressing room at about 15 minutes before doors open to go over last minute details and perform a group cheer.

If there are numbers with a lot of set-up/clean-up then we will have an assigned “stage kitten” for the show. If there’s just a little bit then Julia and/or the company dancers will handle it. Either way it will be handled for you.

You are welcome to watch the show, please enter and exit the room in between acts and wear your cover-up. Sometimes we run out of seats so please allow our guests to have first dibs on the seating.

We love to have the audience show their love! At the end of the show, our MC will invite all the performers up on stage for a final bow and photo-op. There will be a curtain call order posted with the set-lists, it is your job to make sure you are in this order and ready to go as the last act is running.

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