About Starlight Studio

Starlight Studio is more than just a dance studio – it is a COMMUNITY.  Focused on being an inclusive and inviting space to anyone who has a desire to dance!  Please read that again – we welcome EVERYONE.  Our studio has become the home of adults who never had the opportunity to dance as a child or who dropped out of dance because they didn’t fit the box their instructors were trying to put them in. Our beautiful community offers a safe haven to the beloved “weirdos” of the world. 

At Starlight Studio, you CAN sit with us!

Our gorgeous studio boasts over 700 square feet of dance space complete with 22 feet of moveable mirrors, mood lighting, and hardwood floors. There are plenty of shoe cubbies and coat hooks so you never have to put your belongings on the floor! A brand new stereo system offers superior sound and bluetooth connectivity. Best of all the entire studio is air-conditioned so the space will stay cool even though we’re gonna get hot!

Join our Virtual Community!

Director Julia DiVerdi

Julia DiVerdi has been a dedicated belly dancer since the age of 14. She is the originator and now retired director of Desert Rain, Colorado’s premier tribal belly dance troupe. Originally a cabaret dancer Julia fell in love with tribal style belly dance in her late teens after discovering the work of a famous San Franscisco based troupe and is constantly inspired by its director, Carolena Nericcio.

In the summer of 2004, Julia met newly relocated dancer, Molly McClellan, and the two quickly built a Tribal Style dance company together known as TribalTique. After firmly establishing Improv-based tribal style locally, TribalTique branched out into Tribal Fusion Style seeking inspiration from the likes of The Indigo, Urban Tribal Dance Company, Unmata, and their own unique blend of tango, salsa, hip-hop and burlesque.

In the mid 2000s Julia was introduced to burlesque while performing in the sideshow and tattoo convention scene and a lifetime love affair with the “art of the tease” was set on fire. Lovingly referred to as the “Sexy Sideshow Siren turned Burlesque Bombshell”, Julia has studied with Princess Farhana of The Velvet Hammer Burlesque as well as locally with Fannie Spankings and Midnite Martini in Denver. Her vision and dedication to the ‘tease has established her as the “Main Madame” of Burlesque in Fort Collins!

Julia has performed and taught across the nation at Tribal Fest, The Colorado Burlesque Festival, ABurlyQ, Tribal Con and many more that she can’t remember.  She’s received certifications from FatChanceBellyDance, Suhaila Salimpour, The Tribal Massive and your mama. Currently directing The Cupcake Cabaret (link to page), Sumatra Belly Dance (link to page) and Starlight Studio, dance has become Julia’s true passion in life.

A graduate of Colorado State University, Julia received her master’s degree in apparel design with her thesis dedicated to the origins of American Tribal Style Belly Dance and its costume. She also designs her own unique line of much-coveted dance costuming and accessories in her very rare spare time.

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