Julia DiVerdi - TribalTique Belly Dance Company and The Cupcake Cabaret Burlesque Revue
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Available to Denver/Boulder/Loveland/Fort Collins or anywhere in the world!
With over 10 years of experience, Julia is a skilled instructor and has taught sold-out workshops at prestigious belly dance festivals both locally and nationally. With TribalTique Belly Dance Co., the Cupcake Cabaret Burlesque Revue or on her own, Julia will delight students with her friendly demeaner, hands on approach, and thoroughly detailed breakdowns and instruction.

Workshops can be tailored to intimate groups of just five students or to auditoriums full of hundreds. Topics range from dance workshops and costuming workshops to even lectures on the history and evolution of belly dance and burlesque.

Available Belly Dance Workshops

All dance workshops include 15-30 minutes of stretches, warm-up, and cool down and can range from 1.5 to 2 hours. Mini-workshops with a shorter warm-up and cool-down are also available. Bring plenty of water and a yoga mat.
Belly Dance Movement Basics - Beginner.
Geared to the novice belly dancer, this class includes basic isolations and drills to build a strong belly dance foundation. If you've never taken belly dance before this is a great opportunity to get your feet wet!

Thrills, Chills, and Drills - All Levels.
Train your muscles and mind to polish and further develop your belly dance abilities. This class will lead students through stretches, exercises, and drills specifically directed towards developing isolation, definition, and strength for belly dance.

Shake your Shimmy-Maker - All Levels.
Shimmy, shimmy, shimmy! Got your shimmy and want to learn how to shake it more? Is your shimmy broken and needs some TLC? This fast paced workshop not only incorporates essential drills to improve your shimmy, but a fun variety of shimmy styles, including samba! This workshop is appropriate for all levels and all styles of belly dance (not just tribal!).

Layer Cake!- Make Layering a Piece of Cake - Intermediate to Advanced.
Learn how to add dimension and complexity to your belly dance with layers of isolations! In this workshop we will challenge your body AND mind with drills, exercises, and combos that combine multiple dance movements. We'll show you layers made simple and more challenging variations so you can layer away without collapsing your souffle! Great for all STYLES of belly dance.

TribalTique Signature Style - Intermediate to Advanced.
Everyone knows TribalTique combos when they see 'em! Whether fun and funky or slow and slinky, these unique movements are artfully fused into distinctive combinations just oozing with saucy style. Combining creative footwork, crisp isolations, and romantic gestures, TribalTique's trademark fluidity is inspired by a variety of influences including tribal and cabaret belly dance as well as classical and ethnic dance styles.

Tribal Combos for Partners - All Levels.
Learn TribalTique's flashy and dynamic combos to use for duets! In this workshop we will thoroughly break down signature style moves and illustrate how to use them to interact with a dance partner. Break the mold of just dancing next to your partner and learn how to move around her in new ways! Great to choreograph into a routine or to add spice to improvisation.

Full Contact Partnering - Intermediate to Advanced.
Instead of just dancing next to your partner learn how to truly dance WITH your partner as we explore Tribal Fusion combos adapted from tango, salsa and swing. These combos use actual partner contact for spins, drops, and dips and require strength, coordination and a lot of trust.

Tribal Fusion - Bridging Belly Dance Styles. All Levels.
In this fast paced workshop students will learn to combine the best of both worlds; tribal posture and styling with classic cabaret isolations and footwork. Both fast and funky as well as slow and slinky combos will be taught with enough TribalTique Signature Style to keep everyone challenged!
Waltz of the Dolls - All Levels.
Reminiscent of eerily beautiful dancing figurines in vintage music boxes, this doll-like style is 80% pure loveliness and 20% unexpectedly strange. Learn smooth combinations and seamless transitions including controlled locks and isolations, graceful twirls and spins, as well as delicate hands and subtle glances. All combos are set to a 3/4 or 6/8 time signature, the classic waltz and a common North African rhythm. Technique and style provided, you bring the drama.

Fosse Style Tribal Fusion Combos - All Levels.
Learn Tribal Fusion combos inspired by the works of innovative Chicago choreographer Bob Fosse! This seductive and jazzy style features isolations, funky footwork, drops, and spins with an old-school vaudeville cabaret flavor. Fosse's personal jazz style of dance is immediately recognizable, exuding a stylized, cynical sexuality. The filmed routines in Cabaret (1972) are particularly characteristic of his style, the vulgar energy of vaudeville and burlesque updated and coolly contained within a slick, conscious sophistication.

American Classic Belly Dance - All Levels.
Putting the pretty back in belly dance... Inspired by the lost days when belly dance was just belly dance... an exotic, beautiful way of moving one hips, torso and arms, gliding across the floor as Little Egypt might have at the World's Fair back in 1893. Returning to the basics with a style that is anything but basic, moves, transitions, and combinations will be presented that showcase the American aesthetic of belly dance in all of its glory. Crisp locks, smooth undulations, graceful arms, and strong posture will be arranged into classical sequences to inspire dancers and audiences all over again with the simply beautiful art of belly dance.

Footloose and Fancy Free - Intermediate to Advanced.
Would you like a little more spring in your step? More fun and fanciness in your feet? More creative ways to slide, glide, and get around on stage? Sounds like you have Footwork Fever! In the workshop, we will take you though a variety of footwork patterns, traveling steps, turns, and variations to help make your footwork more exciting and complex. We'll add layers over some of the footwork as well as teach you some sassy combos that incorporate your newfound foot fanciness!

Floor Work and Tricks - Intermediate to Advanced.
Learn graceful and funky moves to make the most out of floorwork including getting down there and most importantly, getting back up. This workshop includes lay backs, turkish drops, berber walks and all those audience wowing tricks! Movements will be put together in a dance sequence that students can take home with them! Knee-pads and strength are a must.

Tribal Style Drum Solo - Intermediate to Advanced.
Learn a thrilling drum solo choreography done in TribalTique's unique tribal fusion style featuring lots of locking and fun combos. Simple enough for the beginning dancer but sure to include enough layering to be challenging for the advanced dancer.

Available Burlesque Dance Workshops

Burlesque Jazz - All Levels, 2-3 hours.
Learn the basics to becoming a sultry burlesque siren! This workshop covers it all, from struts and walks to shimmies and bumps and grinds and puts it all together in a fun choreography you can take home. Workshop can also feature a prop: boas, fans, chairs, you name it!

Learn to Striptease - All Levels, 2-3 hours.
That's right ladies, let's take it off! In this workshop you will learn a fun and sexy striptease routine that you can perform for YOUR honey. We'll cover burlesque movement basics as well as "peeling" (strip) technique and put it together in a full chair routine. As a bonus we will also learn about PASTIES! How to wear them, make them, and how to twirl 'dem tassels!

Advanced Striptease Technique - Intermediate, 2-3 hours.
So you've got the basics, lets move to the next level! In this workshop we will learn more sophisticated peeling technique including stockings with garters, shoes with buckles and corsets or cinchers with laces. We will also discuss advanced costuming as well as striptease "tricks" to wow any audience!

Available Costuming/Make-up Workshops

Tribal Style Hair and Makeup - All Levels, 2-3 hours.
Learn how to turn that makeup kit and pile of scarves into a crowning glory! We'll learn the tips and tricks of both traditional tribal and tribal fusion looks for your face and hair. Both turban wrapping and hair garden arrangement covered.

Build Your Own Tribal Hair Garden - All Levels, 3-4 hours.
Make your very own set of tribal style hair extensions and flowers. Complete supply kits will be available for purchase.

Burlesque Hair and Makeup - All Levels, 2-3 hours.
Learn all the tips and tricks to becoming a pin-up goddess! Whether you're a rockabilly bombshell or a waifish vamp, this workshop will turn you into a glamor girl with vintage style makeup appropriate for the stage or camera as well as victory rolls, pomps, fingerwaves, sets, and teasing.

Make Your Own Belly Dance Bra Base - All Levels, 2-3 hours.
Tired of wearing ill-fitting imports or lingerie looking bras onstage, or maybe you don't have an extra $300 laying around for a custom bra? Well learn to make your very own! In this workshop Julia will share her tips and tricks to making fantastically fitting and super comfy bras in a hands-on step by step process. We will cover classic halter strap bras, clear elastic illusion bras as well as bandeau style bras. Depending on how fast you can stitch you should be able to leave the workshop with a complete bra base. Julia's bras feature wide, comfy straps and optional clasps at neck and back for smooth lines and knot-free comfort.

Make Your Own Belly Dance Belt Base - All Levels, 2-3 hours. Tired of your dance belts sliding around on your hips or gaping on your booty? Or maybe you don't have an extra $300 laying around for a custom belt? Well learn to make your very own! In this workshop, Julia will show you how to create a custom pattern to fit your hips perfectly as well as create a variety of belt shapes and styles. We will cover tie front belts, hidden side closure belts as well as decorative clasps/buckles. Since there is minimal hand sewing, you should be able to leave the workshop with a complete belt base ready for embellishment.

Embellishments for Belly Dance Bras and Belts - All Levels, 2-3 hours. Now that you have a fabulous belt or bra base let's decorate it! In this workshop you will learn Julia's time-worn secrets to making the most of your bling and the best ways to apply it. In addition to embellishment placement and application we will cover coin loops/trim, tassels, kuchi pendant overhaul, and Julia's signature felt medallions. You will also have an opportunity to pour through Julia's collections of embellished bras, belts, and headbands for an up close look at embellishment ideas. So let's turn that magpie hoard into a work of art!

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