Julia DiVerdi - TribalTique Belly Dance Company and The Cupcake Cabaret Burlesque Revue
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Julia DiVerdi - Sumatra Belly Dance

Julia DiVerdi has been a dedicated belly dancer since the age of 14. She is the originator and now retired director of Desert Rain, Colorado's premier tribal belly dance troupe. Originally a cabaret dancer (Rocky Mountain Belly Dance Co. anyone?) Julia fell in love with tribal style belly dance after discovering the work of a famous San Franscisco based troupe and is constantly inspired by its director, Carolena Nericcio.

In the summer of 2004, Julia met newly relocated dancer, Molly McClellan, and the two quickly built a Tribal Style dance company together known as TribalTique. After firmly establishing Improv-based tribal style locally, TribalTique branched out into Tribal Fusion Style seeking inspiration from the likes of The Indigo, Urban Tribal Dance Company, Unmata, and their own unique blend of tango, salsa, hip-hop and burlesque.

Julia performs and teaches workshops both locally and nationally with TribalTique and as a solo artist and has taught sold out workshops at the Big Kahuna itself, Tribal Fest, in 2007 and 2008. She has been a local instructor for more than 10 years, building a loyal following of amazing students.

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Sadie and Kaya Gala Show 2009
Denver, Colorado

Holiday Ball 2007
Fort Collins, Colorado

Boofest Show 2006
Denver, Colorado

Fire Dance 2006
Somewhere in Wyoming...

General Skills Certified by Carolena herself in 2007, Julia has also received training from Suhaila Salimpor Dance Company, Rachel Brice and the Indigo, and Denver's own Sadie and Kaya (to name a few!). She continues taking classes and workshops with as many instructors as possible as she firmly believes that no matter how experienced she gets there is always more to learn!

A graduate of Colorado State University, Julia received her master's degree in apparel design with her thesis dedicated to the origins of American Tribal Style Belly Dance and it's costume. She also designs her own unique line of much-coveted tribal belly dance costuming and streetwear which can be purchased at workshops and shows.

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Images Courtesy of Alive Studios, Craig Vollmer Photography, Arns Photography and Eric Shleisman

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