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Class Schedule - Descriptions and FAQ - Registration Policies

Class Descriptions

Latin/Samba Fusion
Do you want to dance like Shakira? Then this class is for you! Perfect for all levels of students looking for a fun, high energy workout! Latin/Samba fuses Brazilian samba no pe, belly dance, Afro-Carribean dance, salsa, merengue, and more into a feather shaking, heart pounding, good time. Class includes warm-up, cool-down, technique drills and movement breakdowns, all combined into an upbeat routine that students will have the opportunity to perform at our regular recitals.

Burlesque Jazz
Designed for all levels of dancers! Class includes jazz style warm-up, cool-down, "across the floor drills", and sultry dance combos combined into a sexy and fun routine that students will have the opportunity to perform at our regular recitals. Technique includes struts, bumps, grinds, shimmies and a whole lot more!

Booty Burlesque
Let's get a little Dirrrty! This class takes a fun spin on the urban side of burlesque - with influences of hip-hop, krump, and TWERK! We'll even take our dance down to he floor, so wear over-the-knee socks, legwarmers, pants, or kneepads. Class will include warm-up, drills, combos, and then we'll put all those booty-poppin', knee shakin', floor breakin' moves together in a drop-dead-sexy routine that students will have the opportunity to perform at our regular recitals. Open to all levels, students should be comfortable crawling around on the floor.

Belly Dance Level I: Drills and Combos
Perfect for beginning students! Class includes a warm-up, cool-down, and focuses on thorough breakdown of basic belly dance isolations, foot patterns, and arm variations. Movements will be combined into simple combinations at the end of each class so students have the opportunity to really dance!

Belly Dance Level II: Combos and Choreography
Perfect for intermediate belly dancers who love to dance and want a great workout at the same time! Participants will learn a fun and funky belly dance routine while stretching, strengthening, and burning calories. Class includes warm-up, cool-down, technique drills and movement breakdowns, all combined into an upbeat belly dance routine that students will have the opportunity to perform at our regular recitals. It is helpful to have belly dance experience and be familiar with basic isolations and foot patterns before attending this class: hip ups and downs, 3/4 shimmies on the up and down, chest and shoulder isolations and basic foot patterns (grapevines, arabics, step-touch, etc.)

Striptease 101
(Select Sessions Only)
Learn the art of the tease! Class includes peeling technique for gloves, shoes, stockings, bras, and undies as well as pastie twirling and application! We'll put it all together in a fun and exciting group striptease routine that you can perform at one of our recitals OR perform at home as a solo (wink!). No nudity required for class - wear your regular workout clothes and we'll layer our lingerie over top. Please bring a pair of gloves, thigh high stockings, high-heels, bra, and panties, boas will be provided. Class open to intermediate+ dancers, please consider taking Burlesque Jazz FIRST to familiarize yourself with basic burlesque dance vocabulary.

Just Dance!
(Select Sessions Only)
In this class we JUST DANCE! Based in modern/contemporary/lyrical technique this class fuses classical dance foundations with all the styles we teach at the studio and is intended to get you MOVING! A perfect class to improve balance, turning, body-lines/extension and really learn how to travel a stage! Class includes warm-up, drills across the floor including foot patterns and turns, and a fun routine of just plain ol' DANCE that students will have the opportunity to perform at our regular recitals.

Create Your Own Solo
(Select Sessions Only)
Ready to take your dance career to the next level? In this master class each student will create their own individual dance routine in their chosen style of dance: Burlesque, Belly Dance, Samba, Striptease, etc, under the instructor's careful guidance. Topics will include musicality, choreography, costuming, stage presence, pacing, entrances/exits, and so much more! Students will have the opportunity to perform their routine for their friends and fans at our regular recitals. This class is for those who are intermediate level or beyond in their chosen dance form, no performance experience required!

Sumatra Company & Apprentice Class
This class is for Sumatra company members and approved apprentices. Class includes a warm-up, conditioning exercise, cool-down, and focuses on layered belly dance isolations with foot patterns and arm variations as well as company choreography. Please bring a yoga mat. INSTRUCTOR PERMISSION REQUIRED!

Sumatra Performance Company Rehearsal
Instructor invite or formal audition only, please let your instructor or Julia know if you're interested in joining a the performing troupe!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear?
Wear whatever is comfortable and you can move in. We recommend a tank top or sports bra with shorts, leggings or yoga type pants. Bare feet, ballet slippers, tennis shoes or socks are all fine, heels are great (but not required) for burlesque classes. Be as casual or get as dressed up as you like! Always bring a water bottle to ALL classes!
For Beginning Ballet students should wear smooth fitting dance or yoga clothing such as leggings, a tank top, a leotard, or tights and must wear ballet slippers or socks to protect the feet. Hair should be pulled up off the face and neck.

Where are classes held?
All of our classes are held at our studio inside Vertical Fusion - 3523 South Mason Street, Fort Collins, Colorado.

How do I pay?
Your class instructor will check you in. Payment (cash, check, or debit/credit card) is due at the beginning of the class. If you're paying in cash exact change is GREATLY appreciated.

Do I need to register with you?
If you're coming to our classes for the first time show up a few minutes early to sign a waiver and fill out a registration card with your contact information. We use this information to inform you of class cancellations, upcoming events, and other important announcements.

Do I need to sign up for an entire session?
Not at all; Drop-ins are welcome at any time IF AND ONLY IF there's still space in that session. Sold-out sessions will be clearly noted on the website in real time. Also, please be aware that material builds each week in a session so dropping in on a class toward the end of a particular session will include material the other students have already learned and therefore will not be broken down as thoroughly.

What is your refund/credit policy
No refunds, no credits, no exceptions. Please read our entire Payment Policies BEFORE registering for class.

Can I come and watch class instead of dropping in?
No. In fairness to our other students and for liability reasons we do not allow people to come and watch class.

Can I bring my child to class?
Unfortunately, no. For the comfort and consideration of all our students, and for liability reasons, we do not allow children in class whether they want to participate or just quietly watch.

Which class is right for me?
Please read the class desciptions to determine where you should begin and don't be afraid to just try it! Beginner friendly classes include: Burlesque Jazz, Beginning Ballet, Belly Dance Level I, and Brazilian Samba. Booty Burlesque, Belly Dance Level II and Striptease classes offer more challenge. Belly Dance Level III and Create Your Own Solo classes are for experienced dancers. PLEASE NOTE: I am unable to assess a students dance level via a discussion (either in person, on the phone, or by email), if you are not comfortable determining what class level you should attend by reading our class descriptions you may schedule a Private Lesson to receive an instructor recommendation.

How big are your classes?
Our classes have a minimum of 5 students and are limited to 12 students so you get plenty of one-on-one attention from your instructor!

Are classes coed?
Classes are open to all genders. If you have concerns about this please contact Julia to discuss. Our goal is to create a space where ALL feel safe and welcome. Please note that inapropriate behavior by ANYONE will not be tolerated, this is a safe and loving space.

What is the minimum age for classes?
Classes are for adults 18 years and up. We have made a few exceptions for well-behaved teens. Please contact Julia to discuss.

Do you offer private lessons?
Yes! All the details are here: Private Lessons

Can I join your performance companies?
Maybe :) Sumatra Belly Dance Company, The Cupcake Cabaret and the Krump Cake Crew are always looking for more talented and dedicated dancers. Typically company members are pulled from loyal students but occasionally via formal audition. Please let your instructor know if you're interested in joining a performing troupe!

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